Can I pay my bill online?
Yes. By logging into your Customer Connect Dashboard and clicking on the Make a Payment tab you'll have the option make payments using a credit/debit card, e-check, or signing up for Auto Pay. Convenience fees apply.
How do I register for Auto Pay?
Log into Customer Connect and click on the I want to set up Auto Pay link. From there, you can register for Auto Pay using a credit/debit card or by providing either your checking or savings account information. Convenience fees apply for credit/debit card payments. Be sure to pay your balance before registering for Auto Pay.
How do I view my bill online?
Get access to your billing and payment history information by clicking on the Account History tab.
Can I link multiple water accounts to my Customer Connect login profile?
Yes. In the Customer Connect dashboard, click the I want to register a new account link to register your additional water account(s).
How do I access information about my water use?
Click on the Smart Meter Dashboard tab on the tool bar. The Smart Meter Dashboard provides daily, weekly, and monthly usage data and usage alerts.
How do I view my current meter read?
In the Smart Meter Dashboard, click on the Meters tab. The most current read will display in cubic feet. Your consumption is metered and calculated in hundred cubic feet (100 cubic feet equals 748 gallons). For example, if your meter reads: 8411, your billing read is 84.
How do I set usage alerts?
In the Smart Meter Dashboard, click on the Usage Alerts tab and enable the desired alerts. Average usage data displays for each alert to provide a target reference.
Can I add multiple alert recipients?
Yes. Click on the Alert Recipients tab to add, edit, or delete the alert recipient information. Here you can specify a preferred alert method; email, text, or both.
Can I change the water measurement preferences?
Yes. Click on the Units tab in the Smart Meter Dashboard. From there, you have the option to change Water Usage, Rainfall, and Temperature unit measurements.
How do I get back to the Customer Connect dashboard?
Click on the District Logo at the top left corner.